About me

I am a researcher studying environmental governance and policy, networks and sustainability. I am currently working as a Postdoc at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL. I obtained my (summa cum laude) PhD degree from the University of Bern for work carried out at Eawag aquatic research, where I also spent a first year as a Postdoc after my PhD. I had the privilege to visit the Stockholm Resilience Centre as a SNF-funded visiting researcher for four months in 2019. I am part of the Robert Bosch postdoc academy for transformational leadership, which gathers outstanding researchers working on inter- and transdisciplinary topics. I taught and still teach at the University of Bern, as well as occasional network analysis and R workshops.

Bikepacking - it's not only one of my passions but also an activity that allows me to experience the environments I study from a more raw, unfiltered perspective

My expertise as a researcher lies in connecting my scientific knowledge of environmental governance, governance networks and policy to innovative data anlalysis skills. Coming from an interdisciplinary background, I am an environmental social scientist with an emphasis on the social scientist part. But I do have a firm enough footing in environmental and sustainability science to allow me to envision holistic approaches to studying environmental challenges. I am currently integrating a lot of what I have tackled over the last years in terms of governance networks, problem networks, complex systems, systems mapping and social-ecological networks into an integrated network approach. It’s an exciting time.

Besides research, I am first and foremost a father of a little girl. This also means that I work part-time and have a second job as a stay-at-home father. It’s work and should be mentioned as such. I also play in the greatest band in my world, sometimes solo, and am a passionate bikepacker and micro-adventurer.

For more information of what I have been working on in my main fields of research, visit the thematic overview page.

For a brief summary of some peer-reviewed studies I have been involved in, visit the publications page.

You can also download a CV here, if you are so inclined. I have tried my best to avoid listing common currencies of the academic trade on this page. This is supposed to be a place for me to reflect on broader themes in my research and portray me as a researcher, not how the academic system would quantify me.

Given this, if something on this page made you think, want to collaborate or raise your eyebrows do not hesitate to contact me with thoughts or criticism.