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My one and only viral social media post

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Mario Angst


March 25, 2024

On April 30, 2021, I posted the following to the micro-blogging platform called Twitter at the time:

I had to make one for #sustainability science, because a) the others made me laugh a lot and b) gave me a nice unfiltered insight into some fields 😂. #TypesOfScientificPapers #AcademicTwitter (btw, thx @g_levrier)

The post was accompanied by this image:

The post was in line with a brief #TypesOfScientificPapers trend, where researchers from different fields made fun of the typical types of papers that their field would produce. A moment of levity I really enjoyed.

It was my one and only viral moment on that platform - the post went pretty wild and far for my standards. It gathered more 1200 “likes” and 350 so-called “retweets”. Friends would write me saying that random people I did not know had sent it to them privately (obviously, the friends of my friends who would send these sorts of things to my friends who would get these sorts of things from their friends are… likely people not moving in completely different spheres) or used it in their lectures. It also gathered hundreds of thousands of “views”, whatever that meant.

Pretty soon after, I left that particular micro-blogging platform, triggered by a change in ownership of the platform to a person I would never want to create content for or be associated with any business they own. Leaving centralized corporate social media platforms was anyhow somewhat of a long time coming, especially after I had started to get into digitalization research. I had gotten to a different place in my thinking about the state of the internet and ownership of means of communication.

I still think the image is funny, in some ways maybe painfully so. So since all my content on that particular platform is now gone, this blog post is intended to give this one funny thing from another era of my internet presence some context. Its permanent home/ record, if you want to re-use it and credit it is here: